Orkla Foods Sweden

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A milestone in Swedish food history

On January 1, 2014, Orkla Foods Sweden was born, after a successful integration of the three food companies Abba Seafood, Procordia Food and Frödinge the year before.

We prepare food and drink with care for people, land and sea. Our brands are Abba, Abba Middagsklart, Kalles, FELIX, BOB, Frödinge,  Ekströms, Risifrutti, Grandiosa, Önos, Mrs Cheng's, Kung Gustaf, FUN Light, Grebbestads, JOKK, Den Gamle Fabrik, Ejderns, Svennes, Hållö, Lucullus, Limfjord, Liva Energi and Paulúns.

With 1500 employees and a turnover of about 4.8 billion, we are one of Sweden's leading food companies.