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Our Responsibility

Orkla Foods Sweden is one of Sweden's leading food companies. We say we have Sweden's tastiest brands. The food and drinks we prepare must taste good and be prepared in pristine conditions, with a sense of responsibility and care towards people and the environment.

We have signed the UN's Global Compact initiative through our parent company Orkla, committing ourselves to take responsibility for human rights, labour legislation and the environment and for combating corruption. We are also covered by Orkla's sustainability reporting, which is conducted in accordance with the international standard GRI (Global Reporting Initiative).

  • Our fellow citizens

    The entire Orkla Group has adopted the ten principles of the UN's Global Compact, committing us to taking r...
    Our fellow citizens
  • Our environment

    As one of Sweden's largest food companies, we have a responsibility to protect the environment. Our ambitio...
    Our consideration for the environment


Our Promises

  • We impose high demands on the food we prepare
  • We safeguard the environment
  • We work towards sustainable agriculture and a sustainable marine environment
  • We demand high standards of business ethics and integrity
  • We work with suppliers who act responsibly
  • We are receptive to the wider world
  • Our workplaces shall be good, safe and stimulating working environments

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