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One of the most famous brands in Sweden. 

Felix is known for everything from traditional picked gherkins to deep frozen ready meals. But this self-evident position was far from taken for granted to begin with.

At the end of the 1930s Swedish housewives hated vinegar which was to be used for their own pickling. They preferred ready canned goods, which made things increasingly difficult for AB P Håkansson’s vinegar factory in Eslöv. Manager Donald Thompson, who was in charge at the factory, realised something had to be done. He contacted Herbert Felix, who worked at his family’s canned goods factor in Znaim in what was then Czechoslovakia. Herbert Felix possessed considerable knowledge about the pickling of vegetables and, in 1939, he became responsible for the building of a new factory in Eslöv.

Herbert Felix quickly built up an extensive business structured around the new Felix brand. When the Second World War started, Herbert Felix concluded an agreement with the Swedish government regarding the supply of apple sauce, juice and jam. In 1943, he himself went off to take part in the war on the Allied side as a volunteer. During this time, the factory was managed first and foremost by his wife. She had good guidance from 47 densely written pages of instructions that Herbert Felix had written prior to leaving.

After the war, more and more women started to work outside the home. This created a demand for products which could be made quickly and simply. Mashed potatoes made from powder was one of the major successes for Felix. When later on the first plastic bottle of ketchup could be placed on the Swedes’ dinner tables, the trademark had really been established. From having concentrated exclusively on vegetable pickles, Felix now had more than two hundred items in its range. In 1964, Sockerbolaget took over the Felix company and Herbert Felix withdrew from his life’s work. In 1995, Procordia (now called Orkla Foods Sweden) took over the business.

Today, Felix occupies a market leader position within several product areas. The combination of well-established traditions and innovations were to secure this position in the future as well. Examples of current products under the Felix brand are tomato ketchup, dressing, pickled gherkins and beetroot, pommes frites, mashed potato, pies, meatballs, a kind of bubble & squeak and deep frozen individual ready meals.

FELIX Fri från

FELIX Fri från is guaranteed free from gluten, lactose, milk, soya and egg protein. Fri från is a mark of quality which is only used on products which are approved in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Swedish National Food Agency. Since almost every third schoolchild has some kind of allergy, "FELIX Fri från" means safety for kitchen staff. Moreover, our Fri från products are so good that everyone can enjoy them.

In order to guarantee allergen-free products, Orkla Foods Sweden has a special production line for the products – totally separated from other production. This line has its own closed system which covers the entire production from raw material intake to cooking, freezing and final packaging of the products. The factory even has its own ventilation system, totally separated from other activity. Even though the range is produced with a view to consumers with special dietary requirements, we know that many more will eat and appreciate them.