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Mrs Cheng's

Mrs Cheng's

We are pleased that more and more of our customers are discovering how tasty, nutritious and easy it is to prepare Asian food.

Mrs. Cheng's is a leading Asian food brand in Sweden.

It all began in the '60s when Johnny and Hanna Cheng decided to start importing bamboo shoots and water chestnuts from Asia to manufacture spring rolls. It was not a success at once, but they also offered Chinese soy that you could dip the spring rolls into. And the Soy became popular!

Johnny personally visited all the grocery stores, newspaper offices and restaurants he could find. He was talking day and night about soy and showed how to use soy in Swedish food. It gave results. Today, Mrs. Cheng's Mushroom Soy is very common in Swedish kitchens.  

Mrs. Cheng's remained a family business for a long time. The legacy of Johnny and Hanna was carried on by their daughters Anne and Helen. Today the range consists of more than just soy: noodles, stir-fry vegetables, sauces, Thai Pots etc. In 2004 the Cheng family decided to sell the business to Rieber & Son, a Norwegian food group. In 2013 Rieber & Son was aquired by another Norwegian food company, Orkla, and Mrs. Cheng's became part of Orkla Foods Sweden .