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Abba is a strong and well known brand in Sweden. Abba products - such as herring, caviar and anchovy - are also exported to several countries. 

Abba - a history of fish, family and the ocean

The ocean has always fascinated people. "The ocean gives and the ocean takes" they said and gratefully accepted its gift. The respect for the ocean was natural for the people living in Kungshamn. So it still is, while it is our source of income, we stand humble before it.



The story begins in 1838 when our founder, Christian Gerhard Ameln, began his business selling fish and herring in Bergen, Norway. Shortly afterwards the start the head office moved to Stockholm and a new era for herring begins.

In 1872, Mr Ameln's sons are ready to run the business in their father’s name. The company is in the hand of the family until 1969 when the whole company and the last of the families stocks were sold to Pripps. Abba Seafood was now fully ready to enter the international market.  

In 1995 Abba Seafood became a part of the Norwegian group Orkla ASA. In 2013 the company merged with Frödinge and Procordia, forming Orkla Foods Sweden, one of Sweden's biggest food companies.

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